A: Absolutely! UK or abroad, I will come to you. Obviously, if it's a destination wedding then there may be some additional expenses to cover, but I will always try to be as fair and within your budget as possible. At the end of the day, a trip abroad is a mini holiday for me too! 

Q: Do you only work alone?

A: Nope, if the job requires it, or you would prefer, then I can bring in a 2nd shooter. For many years I worked as a 2nd shooter to some very good photographers, shooting both stills and videos - I understand that sometimes 2 people are needed. 

Q: Will you do an engagement shoot?

A: Of course! Contact me for prices - especially if you're booking a wedding as well, any other pre/post wedding shoots can be worked out!

Q: Do we get all the edited photos?

A: Absolutely. Everything I take that passes the grade gets edited and added to an online gallery for you, as well as being sent via USB.


Q: Can we have any music on the video?

A: Absolutely. I will do my best to select licensed songs that best fit you and your day, and I try not to be cliche with it. You're more than welcome to tell me the songs you want, however for pop music there may be an additional licensing expense.


Q: Do YOU offer wedding albums?

A: I can do. Contact me for prices!


Q: Are we required to feed you?

A: If you can, I'd really appreciate it as it saves me having to potentially leave the wedding to find a sandwich, but we can talk about that when booking.